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Welcoming Wellness to the Workplace

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In today’s dynamic business environment, embracing employee wellness and engagement as a strategic imperative represents a paradigm shift in the corporate world.

The adoption of employee engagement and wellness is gaining momentum, rising to become one of the top priorities in the corporate world. For too long, it has been viewed as the responsibility of the HR department and not an integral part of business strategy. However, it is increasingly clear that unhealthy and unengaged employees are a drag on productivity, innovation, and consequently, a company’s bottom line.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is central to human happiness and well-being. Healthy populations live longer, are more productive, save more resources, and make important contributions to sustainability, a better world, and economic progress.

Over the years, companies in the Middle East have learned to appreciate the value of having a sustainable employee engagement programme in place as they realise how happy employees can create happier workplaces which, in turn, can have positive effects on business growth.

For instance, over 95% of employees in the UAE believe they would be more productive if they were happier in their workplace, according to a research commissioned by Oman Insurance Company and Bupa Global which surveyed almost 1,000 individuals in 2017. Furthermore, the survey revealed over 72% of respondents feel work-life balance is key to managing employee well-being and overall happiness in the workplace.

Source: “Welcoming wellness to the workplace”, by Cynthia Ang – Author: Middle East Insurance Review

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