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Company Profile

The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. was incorporated in India in 1947. The Company is 100% owned by the Government of India thus providing it with sovereign security and the confidence to endure and prevail through any global downturns. The company has over the past 6 decades, grown into being one of the giants in the field of General Insurance in India and abroad. Along with its head Office at New Delhi, the company has 31 Regional Offices and over 1,800 operating offices across the country and international offices in Dubai, Kuwait and Nepal.

The Company is a pioneer in laying down systems for smooth and orderly conduct of the business. The strength of the company lies in its highly trained and motivated work force that covers various disciplines and has vast expertise. The company has developed various types of insurance covers to cater to the needs of both the individual as well as corporate sectors. The Company has a technically qualified and competent team of professionals to render the best customer service.


The Oriental Insurance Company Dubai was established in 1960 and operates through its Chief Agency ARMAB INSURANCE WORKS LLC. The spell of over 6 decades in the region, bears testimony to the faith our clientele have in our quality of service and diversity of tailor-made products.

In addition to our existing suite of products and services, our vast underwriting capacities and financial strength allows us to provide support to other insurers operating in GCC states by way of Facultative Re-Insurance on various risks. Our underwriters also work closely with insurance brokers looking to create more bespoke covers, to ensure the best possible level of cover for their clients.

[Our Management]

Steering us towards achieving our goals and living up to our mission & vision


Our management is made up of highly seasoned senior professionals from the insurance industry who have between them decades of experience and expertise in administration, finance, operations, strategy, policy and forward thinking business practices. Under their guidance, we have achieved unprecedented growth and success and continue to make strides towards a brighter future.

Mr. K. S. Mulani

Managing Director

Armab Insurance Works LLC



The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

Mr. Amit K. Mulani

chief executive officer

Armab Insurance Works LLC

Mr. S. P. Saxena

Advisor & Consultant

Armab Insurance Works LLC

Mr. Ranjay Verma

general manager

Armab Insurance Works LLC


Share Capital: AED 121.21 Million
Total Gross Premium: AED 6,821.61 Million
Profit Before Tax: AED 779.63 Million
Profit After Tax: AED 851.60 Million

Investments / Reserves
Gross Premium Income: AED 6,821.61 Million
Net Profit: AED 851.60 Million
Assets: AED 16,911.49 Million
Investments: AED 12,861.62 Million

A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating: B++
CRISIL Financial Strength Rating 2013-14: AAA/Stable
ICRA Rating of Claim Paying Ability: AAA

[Our Strength]

Our strength lies in our people, their commitment and dedication