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Say ‘Hello’ to Rafae!

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As part of Corporate Social Responsibility led by the United Arab Emirates Government, we have collaborated with the Manzil Centre, and as part of their PRIDE program – which is designed for the successful inclusion and integration of people with determination into society and workplaces – have employed Mr Rafae Siddique (an autistic young man) and have successfully integrated him into our work environment. Rafae has been working as an Analyst in our organisation since 9th January 2017 and fulfils all the job responsibilities given to him. Rafae has been trained by Manzil in Transitional and Vocation Unit. He possesses a positive attitude; is self-confident and always carries a big smile. He infuses the whole company with positivity and energy. He makes every effort to remember the names of all his colleagues and address everyone with respect and a smile.

Visit to find out more about how they are making a big difference!

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